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City of Raton Comprehensive Plan

Update 2020

The City of Raton Comprehensive Plan update was adopted by the Raton City Commission at their meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.

The Plan

Previous Plan

The City of Raton‘s previous Comprehensive Plan was prepared by Consensus Planning and adopted by the City Council by Resolution No. 2003-16, on 10 June 2003.

Community Profile

A Comprehensive Plan brings together facts, figures, and stories about the people and places that make a community thrive.

Did you know: The City of Raton’s 6,885 residents in 2010 comprised the 28th largest municipality in the state.

Goals & Objectives

The Plan outlines Goals & Objectives for future implementation policies and projects based on the community profile and community input. The Goals & Objectives informed the Future Land Use Scenarios. These were the topic of discussion at the Second Public Meeting.

The Process

Local leaders decided in the fall of 2019 that it was time to update the 16-year old City of Raton Comprehensive Plan. The City has hired Consensus Planning, Inc., to help with the planning process.

The Comprehensive Plan addresses all aspects of the community, including land use and community character, economic development, housing and neighborhoods, parks, community facilities and services, transportation, infrastructure, hazard mitigation, and implementation.

Fun Facts

The City of Raton is named for nearby Raton Pass. The community was called Willow Springs before the railroad was built over the Pass, with a rest stop and trading post for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. The Raton Pass National Historic Landmark (NHL), located along modern Interstate 25, was designated in 1966 with significant local effort.

The New Mexico and Southern Pacific Railway, an operating company of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (ATSF), completed the railroad over Raton Pass in 1879.


The City of Raton released a community survey to provide direction in preparing the Comprehensive Plan. The survey was open 2/20/2020 – 3/30/2020. All residents were encouraged to take the survey online or in-person.

About 90% of respondents to the survey live in Raton. They grew up here, their family is in Raton, and they like the location–most rate the quality of life as Excellent or Good. People who answered the survey use the Shuler Theater (69%), the El Raton Theater (66%), and City Parks (55%). Popular regional attractions include Sugarite Canyon State Park (94%), the NRA Whittington Center (58%) and Capulin Volcano National Monument (47%). They support Raton, and would like to see new options for Retail (82%), Grocery (73%) and Restaurants (52%). Full results are available online, or at City Hall.

Public Meetings

First Public Meeting at Raton Convention Center
  • The first public meeting for the update to the City of Raton Comprehensive Plan took place at the Raton Convention Center on March 3, 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the project and facilitate a listening session on the issues currently faced by Raton and the vision for Raton in the future. Scott Berry (City Manager) gave a brief introduction and explained why the City of Raton was engaging in the planning process. Jackie Fishman (Principal, Consensus Planning) made a presentation on the planning process and time frame, guiding principles for public engagement, plan elements, and described the community survey currently underway. She also gave an overview of the key takeaways from the survey results to date. Participants were asked to meet in three separate break-out groups; Blue, Red, and Green, each facilitated by Consensus Planning staff. A series of questions were developed by Consensus Planning to help structure the discussion.
  • The second public meeting took place online on July 15, 2020. This meeting included presentation of alternate future land use scenarios, and discuss draft goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. Presentation slides are posted in PDF format.
  • The third public meeting took place online on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. The City of Raton has been in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan, a 20-year framework for how the City should grow and develop, since January 2020. The Raton community has provided input through a community survey, public meetings, and stakeholder interviews. Consensus Planning, the City’s consultant, presented the Draft City of Raton Comprehensive Plan at this meeting, prior to adoption by the City Commission. Presentation slides are posted in PDF format.
  • The Raton City Commission approved Resolution 2021-11 adopting the City of Raton Comprehensive Plan at their regular meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 6pm.


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